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What is Your Meliora Moment?

We all remember a special moment–a Meliora Moment–when we were encouraged or inspired to be “ever better” and, as a result, we accomplished something we never dreamed we could. Regardless of our affiliation, each of us has our own University of Rochester memories and story to tell. What’s your Meliora Moment?

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Please write your story in first-person. You could be featured on this site and in other University of Rochester materials. We suggest 500-700 words.

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By submitting your story, you provide consent to the University of Rochester to use it in web and print publications without compensation. The viewpoints expressed by participants are those of the participants and do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the University of Rochester. The University reserves the right to exclude individuals from participation whose comments would be offensive to the University community including statements that are distasteful, profane, illegal, or immoral, or that advocate or promote hate or prejudice. Because participants can download low-resolution images for their own use, the University is not responsible and cannot monitor the use of the images that are taken from this site. However, the University will take action against any reported improper or unauthorized use of the images and words.