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Meliora Moments

Irving B. Sawyers, Jr. ’75

Alumnus – Arts, Sciences and Engineering

At 8:00 a.m. on the first day of classes in 1971 I sat in a calculus class (Math 161) in Hoyt Hall with many more students than seats so there were students sitting on steps. Twenty minutes into the lecture a student raised her hand, was recognized and asked a question. The professor responded: “Young lady that is on page 2 of your reading. If you have not gotten to there by now you need to give your seat to someone who is interested.”

My immediate thoughts were “1. My sister was right college is way different from high school,” and “2. As soon as this lecture is over, I’d better get to the book store and buy my math book for this class!”

Lesson learned: if you have an opportunity to prepare in advance for anything seize the opportunity. Since then life has handed me some failures and some successes but it has never been from a lack of preparation!!