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Meliora Moments

Robert W. Bly ’79

Alumnus – Arts, Sciences and Engineering

Professor Harvey Feinberg (I hope I am recalling the name correctly, it has been over 30 years) stood out in the chemical engineering department to me as someone who not only taught engineering but also the skill and love of learning.

I remember in one class when he put on the board a basic equation we used all the time but never thought about, and then we spent the whole class analyzing its meaning! Also, he knew I was enthusiastic about writing, and once sat with me cheerfully debating the merits of beginning a sentence with the word “however.”

He was a great teacher and true scholar, and instilled in me a desire to take my understanding of whatever task I am engaged in to a higher level.

I received two educations at UR: my chemical engineering degree and my training in writing. The latter I got both from being features editor of the Campus Times (CT) and editor of Logo. Back then, CT was daily, so I wrote all the time. That training resulted in a career as a professional writer with over 80 published books.