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Meliora Moments

Georgia Drew ’09

Alumna – Arts, Sciences and Engineering

I had never played a team sport before my junior year at the U of R. My friends had formed an intramural, co-ed basketball team, and insisted that I join. While at first I resisted, their persistence eventually outweighed my apprehension. That first game was a bit overwhelming to say the least (I passed the ball to the wrong team a few times) but everyone on and off the court cheered me on as if I was Michael Jordan. Their encouragement inspired me to continue playing, and even to want to improve my skills. I practiced passing, shooting, dribbling and more with my boyfriend during the week at the Palestra, so I would be ready for the next game. I knew I was never going to be great, but I just wanted to know that I had tried my hardest. I played in every game that season, and while I never scored one point (at least not for my team), I had a blast trying something new and different for the first time in a long time.

Looking back, I appreciate how refreshing it was to go outside of my comfort zone, and tackle a new challenge. This is my “Meliora Moment,” because it reminded me of the importance of expanding my horizons, (if only for the duration of short-lived basketball career), and taking a shot at every opportunity that comes your way. It reminds me to always strive to be, ever better, every chance I get.